PTFE Insulated Wires India,Manufacturer Multicore Cables,RF Coaxial Cables,Heating Wires,Triaxial Cables,High Voltage Wires
PTFE Insulated Wires India,Manufacturer Multicore CablesPTFE Cable,RF Coaxial Cables,Heating WiresPTFE Sleeves,Triaxial Cables,PTFE Sintered Tape Exporters,PTFE High Voltage Wires,India
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Trestar Elektronics, an ISO 9001-2000firm, established in the year 1987, is the manufacturer and exporter of special types of Electrical Parts like PTFE insulated wires, multicore cables, RF co-axial cables, heating wires and sleeves to meet the specific requirements of the defence, telecom, aerospace and instrumentation industries.

Trestar Elektronics is a small scale industry, manufacturing
electrical products designed for specifically exploiting the
various advantages of PTFE material over the common
insulation viz.PVC etc.
PTFE Insulated Wires India
  Quality Systems
All the manufacturing procedures are as per ISO-9002 with complete traceability. All products are 100% tested as per
relevant specifications in fully equipped Laboratory.

We have integrated conductor fabrication facility with Silver-plating and Nickel-plating lines and can offer plated conductors confirming to ASTM specs.
Manufacturer Multicore Cables India

as per MIL-W-16878E/BS2G-210/JSS-51034 are available in complete range with Stranded or Bunched conductor with metal shielding & or Jacketed. From working voltage of 250 Vrms to 1000 Vrms for internal wiring of Electrical / Electronic equipment, Process-Instrumentation, Medical-Instrument etc. All supplies are 100% tested and inspected. Wires for floor heating and carpet heating are also available. more..

Multicore Cables are available with or without shielding and PTFE / PVC or Fiber glass outer Jacket. more..

PTFE SLEEVES - manufactured as per MIL-1-22129 or JSS 54802 are for use in Electrical, Electronic, Chemical, Mechanical & other industries. PTFE Sleeves are inert to almost all chemicals, Oils, Fluxes etc.

Wide temperature range from - 200°C to 260°C,long flex-life and high burst-strength. Smooth internal surface of PTFE sleeves allow closer fits. Can be offered with connector assemblies. more..

PTFE COAXIAL & TRIAXIAL CABLES as per USA MIL-C-17 or Indian JSS-51100, Flexible standard miniature Cables, Low noise Cables & as per customer's specifications. more..

Screened & Jacketed from 5 KVAC to 22 KVAC (9 KVDC to 40 KVDC) working voltage in solid colours. Additional Fiber glass outer Braiding also available. more..

PTFE INSULATED THERMO-COUPLE HEATING & COMPENSATING CABLES: as per DIN-43760 standard, in all conductor-type, made in twin flat or round form, Shielded or Unshielded for accurate temperature control and measurement.

HEATING WIRES : For on demand Floor Heating / Flash Ambience of Interiors.

These are most suitable for Under-Tile and Under-Carpet Heating. These heating wires incorporate Alloy resistance wire capable of Long-life stability at the required temperature and are normally Multistrands PTFE Insulators over these resistance wires provide maximum insulation durability for long life and safe operation.


KAPTON INSULATED HOOK-UP & MULTICORE CABLES: as per MIL-W-81381/JSS-51037 standard and customer's design for use in Aerospace, Instrumentation etc. more..

PTFE TAPE - Unsintered /Sintered PTFE Tape available for electrical applications. THREAD-SEAL TAPE also available in standared widths on covered spools. more..


PTFE Hook - Up Wires / Insulated Equipment Wires
PTFE Multi - Core Cables
PTFE Sleeves & Tubes
PTFE RF Coaxial Cables
PTFE Double Shielded & Triaxial Cables
PTFE High Voltage Corona Resistance Wires
PTFE Thermo - Couple Heating Wires
PTFE Thread Seal Tape
PTFE Electrical & Corona Resistant tape
PTFE Sintered Tape
PTFE Kapton Insulated Wires
PTFE Cable,RF Coaxial Cables
PTFE Sintered Tape Exporters
PTFE High Voltage Wires

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